OLC Mobile FAQ

  • OLC App access

  • The OLC app is available for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. More specifically:

    Device Matrix Operating System
    iPhone iPhone 5 , iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus 8.x, 9.x
    iPad iPad 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 8.x, 9.x
    Samsung Phones S4, S5, S6, S6 plus Lollipop, Marshmallow
    Samsung Tablets Current Version -1 Lollipop, Marshmallow
  • You can download the OLC mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Yes. You can access some content of the OLC mobile app if you have downloaded it previously.

  • Registration

  • Download the OLC app, register and login. Look up the three schools of the OLC (WBx Talks, WBa Academy and WBc Connect).

  • For first time users who are non-Bank staff, registration can be created either through the OLC Portal or the OLC mobile app. To register using the OLC mobile app:

    Click on the “Register” button at the bottom left corner of the OLC mobile app home screen.
    Enter registration information and submit the form.
    Note: If already registered through the OLC Portal, click on the login button and enter username and password details to be logged into the app

  • Setting learner profile and preferences

  • Tap on the icon on top left side of the screen to open up the main menu and then click on your personal info (either your picture or name)

  • Go to main menu, tap on your profile and select the tab “Preference”
    Select a relevant filter to access your desired content (topic, region etc.)
    The content displayed in the app will be based on your preferences.

  • Accessing OLC learning content

  • You can enroll, view the course description and event rate some courses but you cannot take a course through the OLC app.

  • Yes. Certain videos (Kaltura), podcast, knowledge notes (Pdf and PowerPoint documents) and other learning objects can be downloaded from the OLC app, subject to the storage space available on your phone. The download option will only be available for content that is downloadable.

    It is recommended to download with a Wi-Fi connection. For Kaltura videos, you will be prompted to save it to your video library when download is completed. Please note that the size may be large and may affect download times.

  • Tap the icon on the top left side of the screen or swipe right from the left edge of the screen to bring in the main menu and click on the calendar menu item.

  • The OLC learning offerings are organized into three schools.

    • WBx Talks (videos, podcasts, knowledge notes, infographics),
    • Wba Academy (all the courses: self-paced, face to face, e-courses), and;
    • WBc Connect (Community of Practices)

    The learning offerings under these schools can be further filtered to narrow down to the topics of your choice:

    • Go to the main menu and tap on “schools” menu. Tap on the following floating icon on the school screen so you can choose a filter of your choice.

    You can also use the OLC app search engine to identify learning offerings of your choice:

    • Tap on the search bar in the Home screen or at any school screen to look for keyword(s) or topic(s).
  • Points and badges

  • OLC provides you an opportunity to earn points and badges by interacting with learning products and other learners. This promotes motivation, engagement and fosters a collaborative culture. Earning points positions you higher in the leaderboard.

  • The bell represents the notification center, where you can find notifications about points you earn or content available based on your preferences.

  • Tap the action-floating button on the content page and select the “Rate the content” option which will open a popup box.

    You can rate content or learning activities from 1 to 5 by tapping on the stars. Once done, close the pop up screen to save your entry.

  • Social media

  • Tap the action-floating button on the content page and tap on the Share icon .

  • Section Help & contact us

  • You can email olcsupport@worldbank.org.

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Access your profile by clicking on your name and picture in the main menu!

    Bring out the main menu by swiping right (from the left edge of the screen)!

    Delete content from your device by swiping left on any content in Favorites and Downloads.

    Enroll or see additional dates of an event from the calendar by swiping left on it!

    Reset All Content and Settings resets the app and removes any settings previously selected. You will have to log back in to the application

    Move between months by swiping the calendar left or right