Creating Tomorrow’s Evidence Gurus

Given the limited resources for financing development, there is a stronger push for results—to demonstrate value for money, improve decision-making, and contribute to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. As the World Bank Group (WBG) moves forward with its development agenda for 2030, establishing a results focus is imperative, across and beyond the institution.

WBG learning initiatives—online and face-to-face, formal and informal—take place year-round to advance knowledge around monitoring and evaluating results and producing evidence that informs decision-making. For example, the Results Measurement and Evidence Stream (RMES) Community of Practice is a WBG-wide initiative that brings together staff to share best practices and resources.

In May 2018, RMES held their fourth annual learning event, in which WBG colleagues and partners discussed innovations, challenges, and opportunities in results measurement. Sessions presented monitoring and evaluation approaches and techniques used in WBG operations and addressed how to use the evidence collected to make timely course corrections.

RMES, other WBG Communities of Practice, and Global Practices work closely with the Open Learning Campus to deliver informative results-focused courses and materials. WBG launched the Open Learning Campus as a single destination for just-in-time knowledge and easily accessible e-Learning for clients, staff, and development partners. The Open Learning Campus offers courses, videos, podcasts, and communities on a range of development topics, with lessons learned from real-world experiences.

An extensive catalogue on results-oriented design and management is available on the Open Learning Campus for anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge and technical skills. Sample learning includes results-based financing for women’s and children’s health, impact evaluation, monitoring and evaluating health projects and social protection programs, and WBG results and performance indicators.

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