WBG Connect

  • Many World Bank Group sponsored communities have a group on our external collaboration platform, Collaboration for Development (C4D). For those, you must create an account in the platform to join. The website is https://collaboration.worldbank.orgFor communities that use different platforms, you will need to create an account on the platform they use. If communities do not have an online group, but for example use a mailing list to connect its members, you will not need an account.

  • You can find CoPs by searching for them through the OLC portal. Some World Bank Group communities are open to anyone who is interested, but most of them require a vetting process before allowing you to participate, and some are closed. For communities with an online community space, you can find some that are open that you can immediately join. In the case of online communities that are not open, you can request to join, and a community manager will ask about your interest in joining. State a clear connection between your interest and the domain and scope of the community. In case of communities that don’t have an online community space, you will need to contact the person responsible for that community and ask to join. This may result in you being added to a distribution list so that you can exchange emails and/or find out when community members are meeting.

  • For now, OLC users are not able to create their own communities, but we are exploring possibilities to do so in the future.

  • The community manager facilitates interaction between community members, curates the community’s content, and vets new members

  • If a community has a group on the Collaboration for Development (C4D) platform, you can select actions and press “Upload file”. For more instructions on using the C4D platform, please visit https://collaboration.worldbank.orgFor communities using another online platform, contact the community manager to find out how to share documents. If the community uses email groups, you will simply attach your document to the email.