Learning: A Key Accelerator to Achieve Development Goals

The World Bank Group's Open Learning Campus (OLC) accelerates development solutions by transforming global knowledge into actionable learning

Learning is key to solving development challenges, and to meeting the World Bank Group's twin goals of ending poverty and building shared prosperity.

Whether it is food security or Ebola outbreaks, development progress is often challenged by multiple interdependent factors. Mitigating these factors requires change that can be harnessed through continuous learning.

By providing dynamic learning opportunities where diverse audiences can learn at their own pace and access the knowledge they need, the Open Learning Campus (OLC) equips individuals with the knowledge and capabilities to tackle the toughest development challenges. Technology is also changing the learning landscape. The OLC helps scale development learning by offering a comprehensive learning curricula with wider access and an enhanced learner experience.

The Open Learning Campus platform at the World Bank Group focuses on how improved learning, achieved through greater collaboration and new tools such as the OLC, leads to more effective development at a global scale.

The OLC is a destination for development learning that will build the leadership and technical capabilities of all development stakeholders-partners, practitioners, policy makers, staff, and the public.

Inspired by the success and credibility of proven approaches to online learning, the OLC is a learning ecosystem that is open, interactive and networked. It leverages the vast knowledge of the WBG and its partners and converts it into actionable learning for effective development.

In the OLC, development lessons continuously captured throughout the world are available in versatile formats, at your fingertips, from bite-sized lessons to full-length courses to peer-to-peer conversations.