New Features for Learning

  • You will be able to browse through the OLC’s offerings and consume bite-sized content and face-to-face course materials without registering. However, you will need to complete a one-time OLC registration form to enroll in facilitated and self-paced courses, personalize the OLC portal, participate in e-discussions, and rate and comment on OLC content. If you apply for a particular facilitated course, then the information that you have provided in the registration form may be used to select or reject you as a participant. You will need to register in Coursera to participate in MOOCs. You will need to register in the community of practice to participate in it.

  • 1. Enter to the OLC at Click Register now at the top right corner.

    2. In the following page, enter your information and click Submit.

    3. You will receive a confirmation notification and an email. Now you can go back to the OLC page and click Log in at the top right corner.

    4. Enter your email in the username field and your password.

    5. Your Profile will display. You should fill in the information of the mandatory fields mark with * to be allow to continue exploring and enrolling in courses, for this click on the pencil icons. You can also personalize your profile by entering your preferences in Learning Preferences & Digest Preferences. In Favorites you will find all items you flag as Favorite while you are exploring the OLC learning offerings.

  • You can change your password, please follow these steps:

    1. Access the OLC at, click log in and enter you email (not your UPI number please), then click Next:

    2. In the next window open, click on Forgot Password

    3. You will be directed to the following page, enter your email and click Submit.

    4. Check your email, you will receive an email from as the one below, copy your temporary password and click on Change Password.

    5. You will be directed to the following page. Enter your email, and in current password field, enter your temporary password copied from the email received from Then create your new password and confirm it. To finish click Submit.

    6. You will receive a confirmation notification and an email. Now you can go back to the OLC page and login with your email and new password.

  • Please register in the OLC portal with the same email address as in the e-Institute. All course applications will be migrated to the OLC.

  • Once you complete the registration form, you will simply need to enroll in a course or other offering.

  • If you are World Bank Group Staff you can log into the OLC with your UPI and passcode without registering.

  • The information provided during registration is not shared externally by the World Bank. Please refer to the privacy policy of the World Bank Member Center for additional information regarding this question. Visit the link at

  • Registered users can select regions of interest in their profile settings and apply these filters when browsing or searching for content.

  • The OLC’s courses span a wide range of thematic areas. Check the “New and Recommended for you” section on the home page to see the newly added content. There is also an option to sort by the date created on most OLC screens. This option will display newly added content at the top of the list. Check the CALENDAR to see upcoming scheduled courses.

  • No. Currently, courses and resources offered through the OLC are free.

  • The three schools that make up the OLC are:

    1. WBx Talks: Explore nuggets of knowledge through talks, podcasts, videos, briefs, and games that provide a just-in-time overview of materials targeted to learner-specific interests.
    2. WBa Academy: Unpack deep learning through virtually facilitated or self-directed e-courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and materials from face-to-face courses.
    3. WBc Connect: Engage with others through peer and expert learning, find crowd-sourced solutions to development challenges, and participate in knowledge exchanges with other WBG staff, clients, and partners.
  • The easiest way to browse the OLC’s offerings is to select your interests in your profile space. To do this, follow these instructions and refer to the images below:
    1.     Click on “My Profile” at the top of the screen.
    2.     Click on the “Edit Profile” link.
    3.     Explore and select your topics of interest. Click “+” to display subtopics.
    4.     Select your regions of interest.

    Once you have personalized your profile, the content displayed in OLC HOME will show the learning activities, courses, and/or communities of practices that are relevant for you based on the region(s) and topic(s) of interest that you selected. The items will be shown in OLC HOME by the learning school of WBx Talks, WBa Academy, and WBc Connect, as shown in the image:

  • You explore the topics by using the “Select a topic” dropdown box to see more resources in the thematic area of interest. You can also view related talks, courses, and communities of practice in the sidebar of the description page of the particular learning material or offering.

  • Yes, you can download documents and view them offline, but not all streaming content is downloadable.