Pathways to Learning

The Open Learning Campus (OLC) can transform how we learn. It integrates innovations in technology and instructional design, such as open courseware, collaborative learning, games and mobile formatting to provide quality learning at a low unit cost. There are currently three schools in the campus: World Bank Talks (WBx), World Bank Academy (WBa) and World Bank Connect (WBc).

Talks (WBx)

Explore nuggets of knowledge through talks, podcasts, videos, briefs and games that provide a just-in-time overview of materials targeted to learner-specific interests.

Academy (WBa)

Unpack learning related to development challenges and solutions through virtually facilitated or self-directed e-courses, Massive Open Online Courses and materials from face-to-face courses.

Connect (WBc)

Engage with others through peer and expert learning. Find crowd-sourced solutions to development challenges. Participate in knowledge exchanges with World Bank Group staff, clients and partners.

The OLC is modeled on successful digital learning achievements, such as the Khan Academy, TED, The Aspen Institute, and Massive Open Online Courses hosted by Coursera and edX, as well as the latest developments in adult learning pedagogy.

The OLC is:

  • Customizable
  • Multi-format
  • Interactive

Users can:

  • Rate Courses
  • Receive Personalized Recommendations
  • Ask An Expert
  • Track Learning Progress