2019 World Development Report: How Shall We Respond to the Changing Nature of Work?

Work is constantly reshaped by technological progress. Firms adopt new ways of production, markets expand, and societies evolve. But some changes provoke more attention than others, in part due to the vast uncertainty involved in making predictions about the future. The 2019 World Development Report analyzes these changes and what governments can do about them.

How is digital technology changing the workforce—our skills, schedules, and terms for employment? What do these changes entail for the MENA region?

In the new video series, “MENA Chief Economist Seminar Series: How Shall We Respond to the Changing Nature of Work?,” the World Development Report Directors discuss its findings and hold question-and-answer sessions. Seven brief videos look at major questions addressed in the report:

•  Human capital: How can governments invest more in human capital and complement it with better and stronger social protection? What are the skills that will gain the most importance in the coming years?
•  Employment: What are the forces of automation and innovation that will shape the future of employment, particularly within developing countries? What can we do about gender disparity in the workforce?
•  Education: What are the issues around resources spent by countries and governments on education, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region?
•  Technology: How is technology disrupting the nature of firms? What is the impact of digital and technology platforms in the MENA region?

This video series is just one example of the dynamic learning opportunities available in a bite-sized format